30 June 2008

Quintessential Scottish Experience

We've had Mark's sister, Kim, here visiting us since Thursday afternoon from Reading, England where she's getting her Master's. It's been good to see her again and catch up with each other. While looking online for some entertainment for the weekend we found there were some Highland Games about 40 miles south of here, so we decided to go. We probably couldn't have asked for better weather. Mark even got to wear shorts....couldn't talk him into a kilt of his own. The atmosphere reminded me of a county fair, though instead of 4-H competitions there was Highland Dancing competitions, track-type competitions, and of course the young men and more mature men competing at various things to show their strength. I could go on and on, but I should probably just let you enjoy watching the small slide show with snapshots and videos. (Make sure your sound is on because there is sound with the video segments.)

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