23 June 2008

Scottish Food Favourites :)

There are certain foods that we have fallen in love with since being here. It's high time we shared! First up, Sainsbury's (our nearest and usual grocery store) Oat "Muesli" (i.e. granola cereal) for £1.30! It was a cereal we originally bought for Mark, but then I looked at the ingredients and nearly jumped through the roof because I COULD EAT IT!!! For most of you this probably doesn't make any sense, but for over 3 years I have picked up hundreds (probably no exaggeration!) of boxes/bags to read labels only to get a couple ingredients in and realize it had some allergen in it. Always a disappointment for that to happen so you can imagine my joy when I found something pre-packaged we BOTH liked and BOTH could eat! It's been a keeper. It's a nightly ritual to have some for snack before bed. Delish.
And since oats are such a staple food and I couldn't find rice crackers here (though I do eat rice cakes), I have become hooked on Nairn's Oatcakes. They are great at helping to maintain my blood sugar (that tends to go low if I don't watch it) and also very tasty (well, not all think so, but I enjoy them)! I have been so grateful I can eat oats while we've been here. The last time I tried them in the States they bothered me like wheat, barley and rye (and other glutenous grains) bother me, but by God's grace they don't here or maybe just don't any more in general. Again, for someone whose diet is so limited, this is a major cause for rejoicing!
Next up we have GIGANTIC British carrots! Can you tell how huge this thing is from the photo? I think you could have club fights with these carrots! And boy are they yummy. So sweet and so healthy. We eat lots of carrots here. I mean, we always ate quite a few in the States, but here we eat even more. When we watched Wallace & Gromit a couple years ago we both remember a big carrot (though not sure how that played into the story). Now we know that the Brits do indeed grow carrots that large.

Finally, we have dessert. Mark enjoys these "digestive biscuits" with his coffee at tea time. We aren't sure what the name digestives has to do with anything, but he promises me it helps his food digest better to eat some :) If you can't tell from the photo, it is a wholemeal cookie covered in chocolate.

So there you have a short compilation of some of our new favorite Scottish foods. Not a complete list by any means, but a good start. If you come visit, we'll let you sample each one!

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