20 June 2008

Visitors from Afar

The silence here this week has been due in part to the visit we have had from my good friend from college, Kristin, and her husband, Brian from Minneapolis. They arrived Sunday afternoon but their 3 pieces of luggage decided to vacation in airports an additional 24 hours so that was a bummer. We hadn't seen Brian and Kristin since their wedding nearly 3 years ago so it was really nice to actually get to know Brian and catch up with Kris. Here are some highlights of their visit.Taking them to the North Sea that is a mile or so from our house. Kristin grew up on the ocean and was thrilled to be near one again!
Beautiful gardens we stumbled on in a nearby park on our tour of Old Aberdeen and Aberdeen University's campus.
Finding out Kristin also has a developing love for photography...especially flowers!
And other nature/outdoorsie things.
Welcoming Wesley (on left), Brian and Kristin's friend who is studying at the University of Durham, into our home Monday night and having him tour castles with us on Tuesday.
Hanging out with Kris, of course!
Finding black slugs at Dunnottar Castle. I don't think this was a highlight for anyone else, just me :) I tickled one of them with grass...he didn't like it. I am not sure why I am fascinated by these ugly creatures, but I am. He was soooo black!
Walking down by the seashore at Dunnottar and trying not to get pooped on by all the seagulls (see tiny white specks on rocks). We had never walked down there before and it gave a different perspective of the castle. Didn't care for the additional hike upwards, however (remember, it's set on a huge cliff)!
Actually going in a real preserved castle that wasn't ruins (our first). We all toured Crathes Castle and enjoyed learning about it and its history. It offered a great view at the top!
Getting to visit again (and share the "find" with others) this quaint little chapel at Drum castle.
Finding "hairy coos" at a farm in Banchory. They were spying us and not interested in being photographed properly much to Kristin's and my dismay!

Also a highlight, seeing a slideshow/hear stories of their recent mission trip to Uganda. They had arrived back from Uganda only 3 days before heading to Aberdeen! All in all we had a great time and we were sad to say goodbye on Wednesday morning as they set off for the rest of their UK adventures with Brian's family. Thanks, Tabbs, for making the long journey!


Becky Reese said...

Hey Rachel, I think the black slug is really cool! It looks so beautiful over there!
We miss you guys alot!

Adrienne said...

I'm glad you had a good time with friends! What beautiful pictures,my favorites are the one of the beach and the one with the side of the castle over looking the landscape...You should put your watermark on your pics like
"RO Photography" and then you could sell them for calenders and postcards :)

Susan Jensen said...

I'm so amazingly jealous that Kristin got to go over there and to see you! That is awesome! I am just catching up with your blog and enjoying it! I've got one too now...it is gabrieljamesjensen@blogspot.com