09 June 2008

It's HOT!

Haaa haaa haaa! Aberdeen made it to about 73F today (according to Firefox's readings when I saw them in the afternoon) and it was declared HOT by Aberdonians! LOL :) The radio announcer we listen to at work repeated multiple times that today's high was going to reach 24C (75F) and he was having people call in to share temps where they lived. For a recent North Carolinian I got a huge kick out of all of this!

However, I do have to admit, it was an amazing day. I went to work in a knee length skirt, short sleeves and sandals :) It was truly the first day I felt warm (almost hot) with the sun beating on me...at least for a few minutes. It was also definitely the first day I have ever felt a warm breeze here. It's always cold or cool. Today it was refreshingly warm. Too bad Mark's been sick at home with a cold (?) all day and even wearing a fleece! I always know he is sick when he has on more layers than me. Poor guy.

I have tried to find out today's actual high and also the record high for Aberdeen, but have been unsuccessful. Here is one article I found discussing our two day "heat wave" :)

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Ronnica said...

What a blessing to have WARMTH!