08 June 2008

A Snail's Life

One thing I've noticed this spring is that Aberdeen has a lot of SNAILS! I first encountered several of them by accident while taking photos of flowers in our garden (backyard). As my camera sometimes does, it focused beyond the flower onto the wall behind it, showing me this little guy hiding in a crack.Next we noticed this fellow snug under our security buzzer by our front door when we came home from NC. He stayed a couple days and then I guess moved on his merry way.
Last week one day on my walk to work I saw several snail shells crushed on the sidewalk. Maybe they come out when it rains a lot like the worms do sometimes.
Yesterday it was time to pull the overgrown weeds from the flowerbeds in the garden. I lost count how many snails I found in the small section I worked in an hour. I would guess (without exaggeration) there were at least 30! I had to move quite a few and they weren't too happy I was moving their hiding places around (or removing them all together). Here are several of them on their journey to find a new resting place.
I was fascinated by how they moved, albeit disgusting! Please, can someone tell me why anyone would want to eat this creature?!
I think his antennas are soooo cute :) Still wondering how he keeps that shell on his back when making moves like this!

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Anonymous said...

Do you remember the giant one we say on safari? The kids at work all are fascinated with how big it is.