04 June 2008

Appointment at Hospital

Yesterday I got to go "to hospital." Before you worry, it was just to have an appointment with a dietician/nutritionist to make sure I am doing okay with my limited diet. Thankfully she was overall impressed with how well I've compensated for my lack. We're trying to figure out if maybe I can trial a few things I've stayed away from over these past 4 years just to make sure I'm not avoiding foods that really don't bother me. So we talked about how I can test out various foods and which ones those might be, etc. I'm a little disappointed because I thought she'd work more closely with me in the actual process of testing foods. But who am I fooling? It took 4 months to get the appointment, and it will be another 4 and a half before she's even able to see me for a follow-up appointment. Oh well. At least she promised if I needed her I could call and we could talk on the phone.

Anyways, that's not the real point of my story, just a brief update for those interested. So my favorite part of going "to hospital" (here they always say "she's in hospital" or "he went to hospital" never "the hospital" which many of us not from here find a bit grating on the ears), is when they take my weight. They have me sit in this big chair (that's looks pretty old school-puffy olive green vinal) that is a scale! I think it is the coolest thing! I am not sure if they have those in that States (maybe somewhere, but I've never seen one), but it's a very comfortable way to weigh :) And then the even better part is when they give you your weight in kilograms...you weigh about half of what your normally weigh in pounds! Actually, it's more like you have no idea how much you weigh! And the dietician asked me how tall I was and I said 5'6'' or 5'7'' and then I realized, "oh wait, she needs that in meters. I was no help. Good thing they had a conversion chart on the wall.


Ronnica said...

That's the kind of scale I'd want! Though I'm pretty quick at converting kilos to pounds, so I'd have to try not to look at the number. Height to meters...that's more difficult.

Becky Reese said...

Seeing where you said a cool "way to weigh" reminded me of the time when Shenley was frustrated with her spelling test because it was too easy and her teacher did nothing about it. She proceeds to write at the bottom of the test "These spelling words are whey too easy". So funny that she would spell a word wrong in that sentence. Thought you would get a kick out of that!