26 June 2008

Aberdeen Summarized

Monday evening we were "Skyping" (yes, that is the act of using Skype) with my parents. They were asking about the weather here (and mentioning that it was "cooling off" to 85F there! How mean!). I remarked how it was sunny in one window and cloudy in the other. A few minutes later I heard come out of my mouth "is that rain?" I looked out the window stating "yep, it's raining, and sunning" (yes, that is the act of the sun being out--I love making up words, so stay with me). Mom and Dad said, "look for the rainbow!"
We were nearly through with the conversation so when we hung up I quickly ran from window to window looking for the elusive rainbow (and even more elusive pot of gold). There it was! In it's favorite spot, out our back windows most easily seen from our "little" bedroom (our spare room). I grabbed my camera (of course, because you can never have enough rainbow photos....or photos for that matter) and conveniently found this seagull perched atop the chimneys posing for me with the rainbow as a backdrop. He was too kind, really :)
Today I finally got the pictures downloaded (or is uploaded?) to the computer. I stopped on this one thinking how it encompasses much of Aberdeen so well. In it you can see some of the granite we stare at more than we care to admit, the chimneys that line the tops of those granite residences, moss/grime on those chimneys reminding us we live in a moist climate where mold loves to thrive, a seagull (which being a reader of this blog you should know by now) reside in great numbers here in Aberdeen, and a rainbow signifying the fluctuation of weather between sun and rain/clouds in rapid succession.

Welcome to our small corner of the world.

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The Green Family said...

Very fun post, Rachel!! :-)