06 June 2008


Nearly 14 years after obtaining my first driving permit, I now have my second one in hand. I've never really wanted to relive any part of being 16 again but as UK law would have it if I want to keep driving I have to. Legally we are allowed to drive here one year from our first entry to the UK on our US licenses. As we have now been here 9 months (as of yesterday!) we have begun the process of obtaining UK licenses.

My "provisional licence" (as it is called and spelled) arrived today. Mark's was sent back yesterday rejected. My guess is that someone must have figured he lied on the portion of the application stating he didn't have "repeated attacks of sudden disabled giddiness!" (No joke, that was under the medical conditions section, right alongside epilepsy and diabetes, etc. I had an attack of disabled giddiness just reading it! Is that a real condition?) Actually, Mark's was rejected due to inefficiency in the process. Long story, but it is hopefully being addressed now.

So here we are 29 and 32 preparing to go through theory and practical licensing exams again, as well as a few sessions with an instructor (the exams over here are pretty tough from what we've been told, so it is advised we take this additional step). We aren't too thrilled, especially at unlearning bad habits long enough to convince an examiner we know what we are doing! We have multiple books checked out from the library to help prepare us for the joyous journey.

I'm just grateful that as far as I know we are exempt from placing the "L"oser (oh, sorry, I mean "L"earner) sign (see above) on our car as we drive around town. I'm sure our car will have to wear it while riding with an instructor, but at least not while we drive alone.

I'm sure this won't be the last you hear of this subject!

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Ronnica said...

Sounds like a joyful experience. I guess I wouldn't be able to get a license there because of my "repeated attacks of sudden disabled giddiness."