14 June 2008

Nocturnal Bliss....

....arrived in a small "parcel" last Saturday from Easy Blinds. They specialize in blackout blinds that use Velcro to adhere straight to the window frame (or pane as we chose so as to not ruin the frame) making a perfect seal around the window so no light can escape. You may recall we've been battling the daylight for many hours a day. Our makeshift blackout resources weren't doing the job very well any more. Besides, we figure we've got at least two more months of this, and 1 or 2 more summers, so it was worth the small financial investment to have consistent, regular sleep in the summer.

I thought that great sleep would arrive last Sunday night when we were able to put the blinds up, but then Mark's been sick all week (can you believe he hasn't left the flat since last Sunday night!?) so good sleep has been hit or miss. Yesterday Mark finally started acting more like himself and I could tell he was on the mend (yeah!). Sure enough, last night finally brought the long sought after nocturnal bliss.

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Grammy said...

Rachel, I always enjoy your insightful and broadly-ranging comments from snails to tissues! :) U. Mark and I had a great time last week with your folks and M & M in TN. We enjoyed the good scenery, food and fellowship, which helped us ignore the heat and traffic. I laughed, too, at your description of the 75 degree heatwave!

Love, A. Linda