21 October 2010

I'm Published!

It seems only appropriate that for my 301st post (since I didn't realize when I posted Mark's b-day post 2 weeks ago (!) that it was my 300th post we missed that celebration - but we'll do it now), that I share with you the very happy news that I am published! It was here on this blog that I first started my photographic journey and you all encouraged me on to keep pursuing this form of creativity. So thank you.

My first published work is in The University of Aberdeen's new Chinese prospectus!
(link is on the right of the page)

 Love this shield!

 Here it is!

Credit given in English in the back of the booklet.

And credit in Chinese (I think the "9" means my photo is on page 9.)

My former colleague in Student Recruitment and Admissions who is the International Officer for China (meaning her "market" includes China) asked me to go with her to the on-campus Chinese New Year celebration this past February to take photos so that she could use some of them for this publication as well as on-line. It's fun to see this project come to fruition.

Let's hope there'll be more in the years to come :)

05 October 2010

Happy 35th Birthday, Mark!

Just a quick shout out to my hubby who is celebrating his 35th year of life today!  I'm so blessed to get to journey through this life together with him.

Love you, Mark!