01 June 2008

A Time to Remember

Today marks our 6th anniversary! I love that anniversaries (and birthdays) offer a chance every year to reflect on where you have come from, what you have learned, how you've grown, and to remember God's faithfulness through the years. They also give an opportunity to look ahead to the years to come and reevaluate the life you are living. So Mark and I have been for the past few days remarking about various things related to six years of marriage. Who would have known six years ago that today would have seen us celebrating in Scotland!?

We chose to celebrate yesterday by taking an opportunity to take in more of the country around us. Not too romantic, but a very enjoyable day that was even educational. Mark gave me my choice of a couple things to go see and I chose Archeolink. When we arrived a little before 11am I thought he had rented out the whole place because there was no one else there! We even had the movie viewing all to ourselves. One worker said that this year had been particularly slow for business with rising fuel costs and the "credit crunch" as she put it. Slowly through our 5 hour stay other families arrived.

Highlights of our day included a guided tour explaining various facts/demonstrations of how life might have been like in the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. This weekend happened to be Stone Age weekend with extra events focused on the Stone Age period....which ended up being kinda fun because after the kids had all had their turns at archery, we got to take ours :)
At the end of our time we got to hike a small hill that offered an amazing view. By this time it had cleared off some that it was warm enough to take my coat off! (Doesn't happen often for me here, so each time is usually a time to rejoice!) The hilltop allowed us to walk through the brilliant yellow Gorse. As well as view the many rapeseed (canola) fields in full yellow splendor (see below in distance). When Mark and I flew into Aberdeen two weeks ago today we could see these yellow fields that looked like someone had put down yellow plastic tarps on the fields. Turns out it was the flowering of the rapeseed. We could also see the long rows of gorse that are often used along property lines or lining fields. I love how the yellow contrasts so well against the green of the fields (and blue of the sky if that pertains)!

What a great day to spend together with my dear hubby. I am so grateful God has given me the chance to be Mark's wife and accompany him in this journey called life. May He give us many more years of faithfulness to Himself and each other.


Ronnica said...

Congrats, Mark and Rachel!

Anonymous said...

congrats on 6 years! Time has gone by fast.