04 July 2008

Teaching American History

One of the joys of living and working in another culture is learning about differences from American culture. And, I learned this week, it can also be fun to teach American culture/history! I mentioned to a co-worker on Tuesday, July 2nd, how it was a bit strange to be in the country Americans were declaring independence from on that day years ago. (Never did realize the "legal separation" occurred on the 2nd rather than the 4th.) That led to a brief discussion of America's history about declaring independence from England. One co-worker then said "why don't we have a day like that? (It took me a second, then I then realized she was speaking about Scotland, not Great Britain as a whole)." To which the other co-worker replied, "We haven't been able to stay independent from England!" Not all Scots desire independence, but there are some who do!

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