27 July 2008

Haardy-haar haar

The lovely see mist/fog, or Haar as it is referred to by locals, has been here a lot this week! Usually found upon waking in the morning and looking out ones windows a thick fog is seen when looking towards the coast. As is the case with other things, because we are situated higher up we have a fairly good view of the haar coming our way. Sometimes the haar will roll in in the afternoon and we can watch it get closer and closer to our flat. It's kinda sad, though, that there are days that would be sunny or mostly sunny except for this fog that covers the sun. My favorite days are when the sun wins out and melts the haar away! (Too bad that hasn't been the case today. Though the haar is lessened from these photos taken this morning, it is still not very clear.)Here's what it typically looks like (minus the rainbow!) We have at least a 2 mile visibility. Maybe more.

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The Green Family said...

Cute title, Rachel! :-) Coming from CA I am enjoying the cooler weather the last day and a half since we've been back, but I know that given a few more days I'll be ready to have the sunshine again!! Hope to see you soon.