25 July 2008

Can an Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

....We have our doubts after our first two hour driving lesson with an instructor this afternoon!!! If we get our UK license, it will indeed be by the grace of God! I am starting to think it is easier to get a PhD than a license here.

Needless to say, we have lots to work on. I would have failed my test before we even left our street. You absolutely CANNOT put your gear shift into neutral and coast or you fail. I think between Mark and I we violated that rule at least 50 times in 2 hours! Did you know when driving a stick you can stop from 3rd and 2nd gear? (Of course, you have to remember to push the clutch in at the end or you will stall!) In fact, are required to do so. As the instructor said, 1st gear is for starting off. We also discovered that there are few stop signs, mainly just "give way" signs, meaning you can slow down, look and pull out onto an intersecting road. No stop sign means, no complete stop. I remember that was big when I took my test at the young age of 16--coming to a complete stop. She kept wondering why we were stopping so much!

Whew. How humbling is it to have nearly 15 years driving experience each and be constantly told you are doing something wrong!? We may be taking lots of excursions in August just to practice our driving.

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