19 July 2008

Just For Fun

I used to be a photo purist...thinking photos should stand on their own and not be messed with. This year I have gotten over that by realizing most images we view in magazines and on-line have been digitally manipulated or enhanced. Yes folks, it's true. So, rather than miss out on all the fun, I've chosen to join in it! Here are some selections of this week's Picasa editing fun. You might notice a theme. Let's just say I like to stare out the windows and look for photo ops, especially around sunset or when the seagulls are particularly amusing me with their graceful floating on air. (Or annoying me with their squawking and I'm trying to see why they are doing this!)

I'm still trying to get a good shot of a seagull flying. Very hard to do!

Any favorites? I am not sure what mine is. Maybe number 3?


3 for Me!! said...

I like the 5th pic of the seagull... you've editted enough to really make the seagull really crisp:)

My computer won't download picasa...but those I know who use ti lOVE it, especially because it's free and does such a good job.

Mark and Rachel said...

Yeah, I really like that one too :)

What a bummer you can't download Picasa. It really is a great, free program that is easy to use. I'm glad I switched to it.