06 July 2008

This Day in History

It was 20 years ago todaythat the world's worst off-shore oil disaster occurred, killing 167 men and injuring many more. The oil platform (Piper Alpha) was located in the North Sea and its explosion greatly impacted Aberdeen, since it is often known as the "Oil Capital of Europe." There is a memorial in Hazlehead Gardens commemorating those who died. Here is BBC's short video of the remembrance that took place there today.
The oil industry infiltrates many parts of Aberdeen: family life (with men being away off-shore 2-3 weeks at a time), housing market, flights (we've heard rumors about direct flights to Houston), social status (many very wealthy versus the many who rely on the government for support), etc. I have found it fascinating to learn about this unique part of Aberdeen life, as well as more about the oil industry in general. So many facets make up actually getting the oil out of the ground and beyond. Not that they should charge as much as they currently are, but a lot does go into us being able to put "petrol" in our car!
I am thankful there are men (and women) who are willing to spend their lives in dangerous jobs so we can have petroleum. Our world would cease to be our world without it!

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