09 July 2008

Sweet Success!

A few Friday nights ago we had some friends from church over who were Northern Irish and Scottish. I had a request for a sample of something American as part of our snacks. Cookies in their soft, chewy yumminess don't really exist here unless it has "American" as part of its name. Since most cookies I make are altered to fit my diet I hopped on AllRecipes.com to find a suitable one. I ran across the most delicious-sounding Snickerdoodle recipe and thought it was worth a try.

Overall the cookies came out okay, though not as perfect in shape/look as I would have liked. Regardless, they were a hit and we sent them all home with a few for later.

Monday night I hosted our Aberdeen Women's Fellowship (incidentally, if you click on the link, you'll see the blog we've been busy setting up for incoming student American families) at our house. We are a group of mostly American (mixed with a few other nationalities) women who meet once a month to get to know and support one another as we live away from our various countries/homes. As I was thinking up snack foods to serve I thought I'd give the Snickerdoodles another try, this time using all butter. I was not disappointed (nor were those who ate them)! Since the recipe made so many cookies I took a plateful to work and have another plateful in the freezer waiting for more company on Friday night.

I think the Scots are cookie deprived because they raved about the cookies! I don't think it had much to do with the cook, but this amazing recipe! I had my manger come in today telling me that she heard about the cookies but they were gone before she got one, so she expects to see them again sometime....I may have started something I might regret! The recipe so good I want to share it. It's called Mrs. Sigg's Snickerdoodles. Hope you can try it out some day soon. If you do, be sure to read some of the comments so you know how to get them to come out delish! Also, the recipe link may come out using metric measurements. You can change it to US and also change the amount you want it to make.

Now, if only I can adapt the recipe and give the gluten, dairy, soy free world a chance to savor this treat....

P.S. I did learn that it takes nearly twice as long to bake cookies when using cookie sheets that are half the normal US size, along with an oven also half the size!

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3 for Me!! said...

I bet Mark was pretty excited about having homemade "normal" cookies in the house.... will your extras in the freezer even make it to Friday???

Glad you got to do some fun baking.... although it probably wasn't as fun for you since you couldn't sample:)