17 July 2008

Rest of Flat Photos

As promised, here are the rest of our photos showing the front half of the flat.
Our living room. We spend most of our time in here, so I am grateful we are overall pleased with it. All of the decorations (right down to the plant!) came with the flat. Some flats are like that here--when they say furnished, they also mean decorated! It's good and bad. Nice that we don't have to buy our own for the short time we are here. Not so nice if we don't care for something. Thankfully most things in our flat we are willing to live with (or have boxed up and put away).On to the kitchen. There is a door connecting it to the living room, but I don't have that angle in a photo. It's behind the couch shown above. We also have a small table near the door to the kitchen.Here's part of the kitchen. Also haven't photographed the left side of it. Don't worry, not missing much there, just the sink and washing machine and usually clean dishes piled in the drainer. Not crazy about the blue & maroon tiles, but what are you going to do?!Here is the fridge/freezer--freezer is on top. We are grateful for the freezer, otherwise I don't think we could live with just this little fridge. This fridge is normal for Scottish households. You can see how jam-packed it usually is. It is so low poor Mark struggles to find anything since his knees are bad and he just bends at the waist rather than squatting down! It took some getting used to using this small of a fridge, but I have to say we've learned to manage. If I plan ahead and plan correctly (i.e. remember to buy what I'm supposed to!), we don't have to go to the store more than every 5 days or so, which it seems we were doing anyways, so it really isn't a problem.


Susan Jensen said...

Glad to see we made the blog (our picture on the fridge). =) Your place looks nice! Thanks for all the updates!

Dennis and Allison said...

Your flat is beautiful and i have to say i'm a little envious:) we miss you guys and are glad yall are doing well.

Becky Reese said...

Hey Rachel,
Your house is BEAUTIFUL. I am a little envious because of how decluttered and clean it is. You clearly don't have any little "tornados" running around! LOL
Will email you soon!
We miss you guys so much- even more so since G & A recently left for training!
Love you guys!

Mark and Rachel said...

Well, I have to admit I only took the pictures once it was clean and picked up! I think in some of the photos I even moved junk to get a "clean" photo! You'd be amazed how quickly two people can junk up this flat!