15 July 2008

This and That

It has been a long time since we've done just a general update of our lives, and this being the one year anniversary (!) of when we left our home in Raleigh, it just seems fitting.

We'll start with the reason we are in Aberdeen--Mark's PhD work! I tried to get Mark to do the update on this, but doesn't sound like there is much to report. He is researching and writing consistently. I think he is doing a fantastic job, though he would be a bit more cautious in such an assessment. The longer I watch him pursue this degree (and those previous) the more I convinced he is perfectly suited to be in this field and some day be a professor. He simply amazes me! He is looking forward to a British New Testament conference in Durham (England, that is, for all you NC people!) in early September, as well as ETS in Providence, RI the week before Thanksgiving.

We still very much like Aberdeen as a city, though I personally could do without the cold summer days, or winter days for that matter. But, I am loving the light that being this far north brings. If only we weren't already heading back the other way...to the darkness winter brings. Aberdeen is a perfect blend of being a city that offers most of what you want, yet is small enough that you don't feel lost. We are thankful the Lord has brought us here for this time in our lives.

I also am still enjoying my job. I couldn't ask for anything more at this point. I enjoy those I work with and am still learning great Scottish phrases to teach Mark :) At work we are about to enter into the busiest time for Admissions. I hear all sorts of stories about the madness that ensues during the months of August and September, so I am holding my breath!

A couple days ago I (finally) finished Sunset Song. It took me a little while to get into, especially because of the difficult older Scottish vernacular it was written in. However, I am so grateful I persevered! It was well worth it for the glimpse into the culture. I have already been able to have multiple conversations with people because of having read this book. I look forward to reading Cloud Howe and Grey Granite to finish off the trilogy.

My health is definitely improved over what it was when we first arrived, and probably even from the winter/early spring. I would say it is good, with the rare days that still trouble me (like half of today). I can't seem to find any patterns, which can be slightly maddening at times. I still praise God that I am in general doing great, as well as have energy to work and be the wife I need to be. I am trialing new foods some with the hopes that I can someday maybe add foods back in that have bothered me previously. This is something the doctors are pushing for and I am more reluctant to do (especially after feeling crummy on days like today). We continue to trust the Lord in all matters related to my health asking that He heal me.

We are also still very much enjoying our church family here. They have welcomed us warmly and continue to feed us :) (even me who can be a bit difficult to feed at times!) We are praying for wisdom about where to get involved in ministry. I think we are both looking forward to hopefully becoming even more involved this next year.

Hotel MO & RO has done great business this year with visits from: Mark's sister (twice), my parents, my brother, friends from our old church in Raleigh, and my friend from college and her husband (and their friend). We currently have no more bookings (well, maybe one potential from incoming students in September) so we'd like to advertise by showing you photos of our place. If you are in the area (ha, ha) please stop by for a visit :)

Perhaps no where else can you be offered the master suite of such purple proportions. Mark loves our room! :)
Looking out of our bedroom door down the hall, to the left you see the door into the "lounge" (i.e. living room and kitchen. I'll try to post those photos tomorrow. To the immediate right is the front door to the stairwell leading outside. The middle door on the right is to our large "cupboard" (i.e. closet). Far down at the right is the guest bedroom (see below) and straight ahead is the bathroom (also see below). On the left is our much used coat hangers. Also on the wall are the two wedding photos we brought with us.Here is the little bedroom, or guest room. Usually has a drying rack in it, but I took that down for the photo :)
Our lovely bathroom. I adore the window! I usually tell people that it has no curtain, but not to fear because no one else has a window nearby to see in!
It's kinda sad there is no bathtub, but for now it is okay. Below is my attempt at capturing the beauty of the window when the sun was setting late one night.Finally we have another artistic impression of the view when you open the window and stare down 3 stories. For some reason I really like the view!

Well done if you have made it to the end of this lengthy post!


Ronnica said...

Cute! I wanna visit! Now I just have to figure out how to get to Scotland for free...

Anonymous said...

That was an awsome post, Both yours and Marks. I would love to visit you guys. I just have to get Derick out of America to do it.
Erin Perry