12 July 2008

Glimpses of God's Goodness and Glory

Free-cycle strikes again. I love it! I have been wanting a pair of Wellies since I found out about them shortly after arriving. These waterproof boots are great to have in an often wet climate.

The pair I got isn't nearly as stylish as ones that can be found on sites like this but hey, they worked for traipsing around the grounds of a castle today. And they will probably come in handy some day when I need to weed our garden out back again.
Since we had to pick the Wellies up about 30 miles outside of the city we decided to go 10 miles more to see Fyvie Castle. Too bad it was miserable weather this morning.
I think this is one of those castles that we definitely want to go inside while we are here. And after walking around their beautiful gardens I'd like to go back....preferably not while it is cold, wet or windy. Could be asking for a lot, though, I know!Gate leading from the castle to the garden area. The sign on the gate says there is a wedding there today. What a horrible wedding day, but great location!

Close up of the gate
Path the was just lovely to walk down, even in the rain!
Flowers on the path
More of God's glory in His creation. I just love these flowers!
See the raindrop on the right hand flower?
Praise God for His glorious creation that tells of Himself each new day...even rainy and cold days in July!

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3 for Me!! said...

Beautiful pictures and GREAT job on the header!! I'm impressed... I really need to learn ho to do it:)

Love the Wellies!!