09 February 2008

The Wonders of Freecycle!

Aren't gifts the best? Especially the kind where you have done absolutely nothing to receive it. Today was a reminder to me of God's greatest gift to us--Christ Jesus. Besides having absolutely amazing weather (warm-50's and sunny--a gift in itself!), I also was given a Nikon F80 film camera with one lense and two carrying cases! I have been wanting an SLR camera so that I can learn photography better. The digital camera that I have is a step below an SLR and while I've learned many things using it, I thought it would be fun to learn even more. But there is no way we could afford an SLR right now, so God in His goodness provided one for me through Aberdeen Freecycle! If you aren't familiar with Freecycle it is an on-line group that you join for your local area to help keep things out of landfills. Everything posted to the group has to be given away for free, which is a beautiful thing for those of us who are broke and looking for certain items! So I was thinking today about how this lady I don't know was willing to give me her beloved treasure that she learned photography on all for FREE...just because....and I did nothing. Then I was reminded of how God did that for me and all of us when He sent Christ. Although He did know us (even before we were born), we did not deserve the gift of His Son nor do we receive salvation based on anything we've done. God has blessed me with an unexpected gift in this camera, but so much more He has blessed me with His Son and Himself for all of eternity! What an overwhelming thought!

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Greg and Adrienne said...

I'm encouraged that your free camera wasn't just excitement but that it pointed you to the free most precious gift of God's grace and mercy...I need to do that more...I know there's many things in my life where I could focus on the Lord and the Gospel more but am not mindful like I need to be...
Enjoyed the post!