29 February 2008

Strike One!

Here we go again....as you might have guessed we still have phone/internet for our last night in our "old" flat and we don't have phone at the "new" flat. I love BT (British Telecommunications) :) When I called today (the biggest consolation being I waited only maybe 1 minute and got a guy who actually cared about my problem!), after being suspicious this afternoon that nothing was going to be done about changing our phones over, I heard "Huh, the order was cancelled." Not something you want to hear when you've given the two week notice as they request. This is now the second time our order has been cancelled (once when we moved in here, once with the new flat now) and no one notified us to tell us. The good thing is the customer service rep really did seem to have things together and spent a good 45 minutes taking care of all this mess. So our new day for getting our new phone line is now Tuesday. Will you pray with us that it will actually happen? I think neither of us want another phone-hooking-up-nightmare :)

Well, it's off to bed for the last time in this flat!

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Dustin and Jennie Harrell said...

Hey Rachel... I know that is so frustrating! When we moved into our new house (as you know) we had so many telecommunications issues! After they didn't show up for a scheduled installation, I called the company, and they had no idea what I was talking about! They said that they had a different day on their calendar (three days later). When they didn't show up for THAT appointment, I called again and our order had been CANCELLED! And they didn't let US know EITHER! So I had to wait the standard 5 business days for them to set up an order and process and phone number. We didn't have phone until our third week here.
Who is travelling around the world cancelling random phone orders??