22 February 2008

We Want to go Back!

Tonight we had the joy and privilege of listening to the Watoto Children's Choir from Uganda. Wow! It was so full of life and smiles and dancing! (If only I had brought my camera...) We loved it! I think it made us both want to go back to Africa again. Next month it will be 3 years (that long already?) since we went to Kenya with our church in NC. There is just something contagious about those little African children. I wanted to take one home with us!

Watoto has an incredible ministry to children orphaned by AIDS. I'd encourage you to look at their website to learn more! And if you want a little taste of what we got to see, go here.


Dennis and Allison said...

Well here's our response...you are more than welcome to come back!! Karibuni sana! you know you always have an open invitation to visit us anytime!! would have loved to see the Watoto childrens choir! Awesome.

Mark and Rachel said...

It is nice to know someone who will be there permanently very soon! Maybe someday the Lord will let us visit y'all there again :)

Anonymous said...

Jambo Habari,
I love to go back as well. I miss and think about being there often. I miss the girls. I heard from Ezekiel, they are doing well. I hope ya'll are.
Love you guys
Erin Watlington-Perry

Kristin said...

We know the Watoto Children's choir! In fact, our friend here at Bethlehem used to direct that choir (she's Ugandan). Cool!