28 February 2008

MO & RO on the GO....again!

There is a specific reason we named our blog what we did (other than being catchy)! As many of you are aware there was a lot of traveling and moving prior to even coming here to Scotland. And we figured there might be at least one move within our time here, then the move back to the US, not to mention trips to see family and other sights in the UK (and maybe Europe?). So our "one move" during our time here has come, and I for one am hoping it is THE one! This flat has had its blessings, but also it's challenges. We can't wait to receive the keys to our new flat tomorrow evening at 6pm! Saturday we have several friends who have graciously agreed to help us carry our belongings down the 4 flights of stairs (see photo--the two windows in the top middle are ours) and back up 3 to the new flat. (They are great friends, aren't they?!) We are all grateful that the only furniture carrying involved is one full-sized mattress and two dining room-type chairs. We still haven't quite figured out how to get the mattress to the new place in/on our Ford Escort, but "nay bother" the guys will "get is sorted" I'm sure (By the way, you rarely see pick-ups, trucks, SUV's, etc so we can't just borrow one)! It's a good thing we are only moving 3 streets away (less than 5 minute walk) because they may end up having to carry it there!

This blog is also a warning that we might be a little MIA for awhile (let's hope not months again!) while our phone is hooked up and internet re-established. We are supposedly getting the phone connection at the new place tomorrow, but I'll believe that when I see it! Once we get the phone line, it will be an additional 10-20 working days for wireless to work. AOL has promised, though, that in the meantime we'll have FREE dial-up (which, curiously isn't free because we are still paying for Broadband!) ....aren't they so generous?!

We are not too sad to see our street go either. Because you are allowed to park on both sides of the street (which, believe me, we are grateful for!) the street is essentially "One Way" both ways at the same time! It is also an incredible challenge parrallel parking with such a tight space (you have to be careful of your front end hitting the cars on the other side of the street). It has taught me to park so well that when I go other places with tons of room I feel like it is a piece of cake!

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Ronnica said...

Free dialup while you pay for broadband? How generous! What I really appreciated about TW Cable is that we didn't have to pay for Internet between the time I called to get our connection moved from the burned-out apartment to the new one. Considering we gave them NO notice, I thought that was incredible! On the other hand, we had to pay fees on the phone to get it transferred as well as pay for it while we had no service.