21 February 2008

Can It Be?!

Today I stumbled out of bed around 6:45am and noticed glimmers of light beginning. And I noticed daylight slipping away around 6pm! What an improvement! I don't think I realized until recently how much the dark days for the past few months have truly impacted me. I very much enjoy the sun and often have tons more energy when it shines. I feel that energy returning and it is oh so great! Here's a little chart from Weather Underground that we like to frequent to find out our weather (though it usually just has raindrops--like the week to come--when it probably won't end up raining half the days it says it will!)

February 21, 2008 Rise: Set:
Actual Time 7:24 AM GMT 5:21 PM GMT
Civil Twilight 6:45 AM GMT 6:01 PM GMT
Nautical Twilight 6:00 AM GMT 6:45 PM GMT
Astronomical Twilight 5:16 AM GMT 7:30 PM GMT
Moon 6:07 PM GMT 7:27 AM GMT
Length Of Visible Light: 11h 15m
Length of Day
9h 56m
Tomorrow will be 4m 47s longer.

I am utterly amazed we are adding nearly 5 minutes of actual sunlight to our days right now. That's substantial! The flowers agree as they are popping up more and more.
Crocuses are everywhere around here!
And I learned this past weekend that these are Snowdrops! They are very photogenic, I think. They have Snowflakes too, but I don't have a picture of one of those yet.


Ronnica said...

The days are starting to get longer here too! (Okay, I understand the science of it all and know that since we're both in the Northern hemisphere, that only makes sense). It's now light-ish when I get off work at 6, and I look forward to it being light out when I get up in the morning (since I've been getting up at 6, the lack of light and warmth is my biggest complaint).

Dustin and Jennie Harrell said...

Rachel, your photography is amazing!