02 February 2008


Friday, Feb. 1st brought with it many celebrations, so I thought I should share! (I'm a big fan of lists, so let's do the numbering thing again!) :)

The resolution of our drain "issue!" Finally, we found someone to come unclog the drain. This was the sink before the operation was performed....it was very disgusting. We are now in the process of getting the kitchen back in order and catching up on laundry. All causes for celebration!

2. Mark proposed 6 years ago yesterday :) We enjoyed briefly reminiscing this event.

3. On Wednesday we found a new flat to live in! This is a huge answer to prayer! Because our current lease doesn't end until March 13th we asked if the new landlords would "hold" the new place for a month (without having to actually pay for a whole months rent), and they miraculously agreed! We will move around March 1st unless our current landlord is able to find someone else who wants to move into this flat sooner. More to come in future posts on our new place.

4. My brother turned 27 years old yesterday! I can't believe my little brother is that old....until I remember I am almost 30 and then I figure it could be possible.

5. Our friends, Brannan and Kate's little girl, Lily, turned one! We went over there to help them celebrate. I have decided I like being a surrogate aunt to little Lily :) Here is Lily eating her birthday cupcake and showing she is "1."

6. We got snow! Okay, not much (less than an inch) but it's the most we had and the longest it stayed. It was so pretty to see. But it was so sunny today so most of it has melted now, oh well, at least this native northeast Ohio girl got to have a little snow in her winter.

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