04 February 2008

Time Warp

Since being sick I feel like we've been a time warp. I was talking with my parents tonight and kept thinking it was Sunday. Guess Sunday was sort of lost feeling yucky.

I did decide to go ahead and go to my x-ray appointment since I was overall feeling better, just a little tired. I felt like I was in a time warp in the hospital. Trying to place exactly what era I felt like I was in--maybe the 50's? Not all of it was that way, but there was this one specific hallway that made me feel like I was in an old movie. I'm glad I was only there for a quick and painless x-ray :) I really wish I had my camera with me because I saw multiple good photo ops. The first was the wheelchairs. They were right before the time warp hallway. They were unusual and old-style looking. Very hard to describe without seeing them (I tried searching Google briefly to give you a visual aide, but nothing has turned up, sorry! Probably because they are that old!!).

When I came out of the hospital I noticed the parking situation had gotten worse (I drove around for quite awhile trying to find parking making me late for my appointment. I think we might need to suggest a parking deck as it was apparent they need one!). There were now cars parked all along the sign that said "No Parking, Fire Lane" or something like that. You know, the part with all the crisscrosses where you never park. Yeah, well, that's just suggestive here I guess, like other parking line markings. Most days I could run out of fingers counting how many times I see people parked illegally. Someday I'll take a picture of the university's parking lot where cars are parked in the most unique places just to fit one more car in!

I had never been to the side of town where my appointment was, so imagine my excitement when I discovered the Curl Aberdeen center (3rd photo op). I still am not quite sure how curling has been deemed a real sport (sorry if we have any curling people out there), but since watching it in winter olympics two winters ago it kind of grew on me. I think it would be fun to curl for an afternoon, don't you?! Or, maybe we can go see some of the European Curling Championship games/matches (what are they called?) in 2009 since Aberdeen is hosting them! Anyone a big curling fan want to come with me?


JAH said...

How funny that you have a curling team there! We have an Olympic curling team half a mile from our house. I've never actually watched them though....

Glad you're feeling better,

Dustin and Jennie Harrell said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! I caught the stomach flu yesterday from Caden... last night was not a fun night. Just wanted to let you know ya'll are not alone! Miss you!

Greg and Adrienne said...

Curling how exciting! Let us know about the x-ray results when you get them...How long will they take to get back?

Mark and Rachel said...

X-ray results should be in to the doc by Monday, but he didn't have any appts left so I have to see if I can get one the day of. Praying I will be able to!

Anonymous said...

I hope you both are feeling better. Miss you both.

Erin Perry