29 April 2008

Preparing to Leave

We had fun catching up with our former Sunday School teacher Dr. Bob Jones and his wife, Lauren, yesterday evening and this morning. We showed them around various places in Aberdeen and the surrounding area. After the rain, colder temperatures and gloom yesterday, we were all grateful the sun came out in full force today!

Since their departure right before lunch we've been making final preparations for our own departure at 4:15am tomorrow morning! We'd ask that you'd be praying for safe travels, good health and loving spirits. As many of you know traveling is always a challenge for me as I have to bring my own food. That is tough to do for a full day of travel, especially with all the airport restrictions and no microwaves, etc. Please also pray that nothing on the airplane will cause me any reactions.

In case you are interested, we fly out of Aberdeen at 6:30am (1:30am Eastern time) and head for Heathrow. We leave Heathrow around 10:50am and land at Washington Dulles at 2:20pm. And, praying all goes as planned, we land in Charlotte to the hugs of my parents at 6:30pm! Can't wait to see many of you soon in NC!


3 for Me!! said...

Well you should be in the States somewhere right now!!!

We look forward to seeing you Monday. I thought our plans were out the window this week since Brian's been so sick, but he was moving around yesterday and said that he was looking forward to going to see you guys!! Yay!!!! SO let's just hope everyone stays nice and healthy:)

I hope all your flights were ok and that you had plenty to snack on:)

Ronnica said...

Aww, fun, I like the Jones'.

I hope to see you tomorrow!