19 April 2008

Braveheart Revisited

When a co-worker offered to let me borrow Braveheart I couldn't resist accepting. Ever since our trip to Fort William & Ben Nevis we wanted to re-watch William Wallace's stand against the English. Part of the reason is because when we were at the Ben Nevis Visitor's Centre we were told that some scenes of Braveheart had been filmed just down the road along the river. We aren't sure exactly where, but we are pretty confident it was partly in the flat area to the bottom left of the photo below (the river is just out of view).
At one point they showed a small hill, and I am convinced that is where we saw the Highland cows. Maybe not, but sure looked like it!

It had been 5 or 6 years since we had last watched the movie and living here brought new perspective to the storyline and other Scottish things portrayed in the movie. One thing Mark and I both picked up on was the name of Wallace's childhood friend and sidekick, Hamish, which is a Gaelic Scottish name similar to James. We never would have noticed his name before, but this time it all made sense!

Something else I have been pondering since arriving (and have subsequently concluded since re- watching Braveheart) is the notion that the Scots are seriously made of different stock. Have you ever picked up on how it is apparent throughout the movie that it is cold and yet Wallace always has on either short sleeves or sleeveless shirts? Not to mention his kilt. He wears this in all weather and at least once you can even see his breath.

If you walk around Aberdeen you see the modern day equivalent. It was not more than low 50's yesterday, and granted, the sun was shining, but there was, as always, a breeze making it feeling like 40's in the shade. Yet, I saw at least 3 people in shorts and t-shirts, and one in flip-flops as well (and I wasn't even outside very long or I might have seen more)! I on the other hand, had on my winter down coat, though I think I managed to leave my hat off most of my walk :)

There can be no other conclusion other than that they are of different biological make-up; they have different internal thermometers. I do have to wonder if mentally sunshine = hot no matter the real temperature.

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