25 April 2008

That's Me FINISHED!!!

As they say here, "That's me finished" (or "that's me away") with work until Tuesday 20th of May!! Yes, believe it or not, I have the next 24 days off of work! PAID. Even better :) There are some HUGE advantages to living in Europe, such as very generous Annual Leave policies. I feel like a CEO.

I had a spring to my step walking home this afternoon with a huge grin on my face. The reality of our upcoming trip is creeping deeper into my whole being. I can't wait! But before we leave early on Wednesday, first we are excited to welcome some friends from our church in Raleigh. They'll be here Monday afternoon until Tuesday afternoon, so until they arrive we need to finish some packing and cleaning. But packing and cleaning knowing what joys lie ahead make both undesirable tasks a little more exciting!

Feeling free....
Rachel :)

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Dustin and Jennie Harrell said...

Wow!! Almost a month of paid vacation??!! I'm trying not to be jealous.... Ya'll have an awesome trip!