03 April 2008

Money, Money, Money....

So just as we have been getting used to the look of the coins here, today the Royal Mint revealed new designs! Frankly, I think they are kinda funky. Very bold.At least they have kept (from the looks of the above pic) the same colors for each coin, as well as the same size for each denomination (which is good, because that has been half the battle in learning the new money--the 2 pence is one of the largest and the 5 pence the smallest. It would help if they would just do them in order. Of course, they don't do that in the US either). In case you are curious what coins are what (and to show I do know them), we'll start at the left with the £1 (it's nice to have a coin "dollar" until you have a few of them, then it is like carrying around a few literal pounds-not to mention they seem to "spend" faster); 50 pence (from here on out "p"); 20p (note these two have are heptagonal in shape); 10p; 5p; 2p; 1p (why they still make both a 1p & 2p is beyond comprehension...). Oh, and not pictured is the £2 coin, which is also quite heavy and not used as often as the £1.

Here's the cool thing about the new designs -- they are based around the Shield of the Royal Arms (see £1 for complete picture). All the rest make up a great coat of arms. Kudos to the 26 year old designer who won the competition for this design.And while we are on the topic of money here, why not show you some "notes" as well.
The curious thing about notes is that they can be produced by the different banks, as seen by the top £10 that says "Clydesdale Bank" and the bottom one being "The Royal Bank of Scotland."
It seems from the evidence above that The Bank of Scotland must be changing the look of their £20. A close examination of the new one (top) shows they've added some extra security features (see glimmer of color on left side, to name one).

Hope you've enjoyed your lesson in Scottish/British money for the day. I just had to share because I love learning/seeing about money from other countries!

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Ronnica said...

That's a cool idea for the coins. I think paper money of any other country seems fake for the first little bit that I'm there.