06 April 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White April...

That's what Mark has gone around the house singing yesterday and today. Just like the ones he's known in Cayman and Georgia and NC, yeah right! On the other hand, I do recall a few snowy days in Ohio in April. This morning I woke up to find snow covered everything and it still coming down! I was actually quite shocked to find it! (I think this seagull seemed a bit bewildered too) It snowed off and on yesterday, but it didn't stick. The funny thing is now all the snow is melted and is sunny. As a friend said, it's like a different day out now. Ah, life in Aberdeen!

I've had a blast hanging out with friends the past 3 days. Thursday I met our across the street neighbor (whose husband is also a PhD student) and Friday I had lunch with our old neighbor, Lynne. It's always good to meet new friends and catch up with ones you don't see much any more.

Friday night 3 other ladies and I took our friend Kate out to celebrate her birthday. All of us loved being out of the house and talking non-stop for 4 hours as many women enjoy doing when they are together. I was reminded how grateful I am for my friends here! Then last night Mark and I went to a couple's house for dinner, which was also a huge blessing. I re-learned how to play Hearts and was able to put my Spade-playing skills to use. I didn't quite manage to come out on top, but maybe next time!

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Ronnica said...

I remember it snowing in April in Kansas when I was in middle school. So weird for a place that gets snow (usually, the past few years have been exceptions) 1-2 times each year.