14 April 2008

Our Latest Adventure

On Friday evening I found out from another friend's blog that Historic Scotland was having a free weekend for many of its historic properties in Scotland. Being on a student's income free anything is always joyfully accepted and sought after. Since we didn't have much time to plan a full day's travel, we decided to go to the closest castle we could find: Tolquhon Castle, about 30 miles away. For some company we asked along the Ellis Family.

So we all headed out mid-morning looking forward to new adventures touring a free castle...despite it being a dreich day. Our first adventure, though, came sooner than anticipated. Now there had been suspicions that Brannan and Kate's wee one, Lily, gets car sick easily....but because they don't actually own a car here, Lily doesn't ride in a car (for very long) very often. I'm "glad" to report that the mystery has been solved...she does! She held out for about 25 minutes and then, bless her heart, could contain her breakfast no longer. We pulled over so Kate could change her (what a great mom she was to be prepared with towels and extra clothes...just in case!) and then hide the stinky clothes in the trunk (in a bag)! So here's Lily, sporting her new change of clothes and a hat to help keep her from looking outside so much!
Thankfully we were no more than 10 minutes from the castle, and she made it just fine and continued to bless us with her smiley self.

Me and my dear husband with the ruins in the background.
This castle, like most, had some very fun windows. Thanks to Brannan for this shot.
The cold crew atop Tolquhon.
View from the top of the castle looking onto surrounding fields. After an hour+ of being out in the cold and wet, we all were ready for lunch in the car. There really wasn't anything around, so it was a good thing we all brought lunches.

On the way home we decided it would be a wise decision to stop half-way to let Lily get out of the car to help settle her stomach in hopes of making it home without a repeat episode. We randomly picked a residential area that providentially had a small field of miniature daffodils.
I am not sure who was happier--Lily to be out of her car seat (and the car!) or me so I could take pictures of the daffodils and Lily! It turned out to be a fantastic 10 minute break full of lots of fun photos and it also accomplished our goal...no more vomit :)
So long.....

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Anonymous said...

We had such a fun day! Thanks again guys!