06 May 2008

Observations & Opportunities

I have missed blogging, so here's a quick attempt to condense our week+ of being back in the US. Here are things we've enjoyed, noticed, or been "shocked" by (in no particular order):

--The spaciousness of everything--roads, cars, houses, yards, stores, even just wide open land.
--"Drive on the right, drive on the right, drive on the right" -- Mark's mantra when starting the engine....except the one time he was with a friend and drove on the left...oops! Sorry Brian!
--Grilled food! (And not Scottish grilled food, we're talking real live outdoor BBQ grilling)
--Wal-Mart/Target/Kohl's/AC Moore/Michael's
--Being quickly rung out at the register and having your bags packed for you at the grocery store
--Drying my hair in the bathroom (remember, there are no plugs in the bathrooms in the UK)
--Getting to eat delicious hamburgers and steaks
--Trying to turn the light switch to the bathroom on outside the door to the bathroom (doesn't help my parents actually have a light switch outside the bathroom that turns on the hall light)
--Watching Survivor -- I'm still a fan and am looking forward to seeing tonight's episode with my parents
--Spring in NC -- forgot how stupendous it is!!!
--Perfect upper 70's & low 80's temps the whole time we've been here....and without any rain yet!
--Hardee's -- Those 1/3 Thickburgers are better than I remember!
--Seeing friends and family and sharing sweet fellowship with them.
--Commercials -- I still dislike them
--Playing with Yafi -- my parents "dawg" (that's "dog" with a North Carolinian accent)
--Meeting at least 4 new babies who have been born since we left, one adopted baby, and finding out another friend is pregnant
--Smithfield's Chicken & BBQ -- On Mark's list to eat at now checked off
--Taco Bell -- also now checked off the list
--Did I mentioned grilled food? :)
--NC Strawberries during prime strawberry season
--Being pleasantly surprised that my environmental allergies haven't been that bad so far since this time of year is sometimes rough :) (or my food allergies, for that matter)
--Sleeping in our old bed that Mom and Dad are using in their guest room -- Sure does make for some good sleeping because it is so comfortable.
--White egg shells -- they are all (or almost all?) brown in Scotland
--Being able to do a load of laundry in 2 hours!!! And related, being able to have clothes come out of the dryer soft, fluffy and smelling good!


The Green Family said...

This all sounds WONDERFUL! I can't wait!! :-) We miss you guys here in Aberdeen, but it sounds like you're having a great time. Thanks for giving us a little update! You are missing some doggone AWESOME weather here!!! It's been in the low sixties and absolutely GORGEOUS. Sooooooo good for my soul! See you soon! Much love.

Jonathan & Noella said...

I hear ya! Thanks for sharing your list of impressions and shocks, it brought a smile to my face. Have fun with family & friends!

Adrienne said...

We had such a great time with you guys! We hope you have a safe trip back!

3 for Me!! said...

My heart is still racing from Mark's Scottish road-rage episode. I thought we were goners for sure. (And you guys thought I didn't read your blog.)

Good to see you guys. Come back soon.