13 May 2008

Fun With Mom

About a year and a half ago my mom started learning to paint with watercolors. Many of you may not know that Mark has quite an artistic side to him, and he also took up watercolors after using my mom's paints and getting pointers from her. From time to time these two artistically talented family members will humor me by letting me join in the fun of creating a painting. (Well, to be fair, they would welcome me any time, I just don't like to be humbled in this manner too often!)
But since it was Mother's Day and Mark was visiting his mom (and so Mom didn't have a painting partner), I thought it would be fun to paint with my mom in his stead. We decided to work on the same painting based from a photograph I took of a swan a few months ago. It's a good thing I had Mom guiding me and helping me think before I painted (more so on the swan than the waves, as you will see!). While I think hers is still way better than mine, I was pleased that at least this time you could tell what I painted :) (Yes, the above one is mine...the poor swan must be sea sick since those are some crazy waves I painted!)
How blessed I am to have a mom who has guided me through my life to trust in the Lord and who lives as a daily example of a godly woman, wife and mother. I love you, Mom! Thanks for pointing me to Christ time and time again. It's the greatest gift you have given me!


Anonymous said...

That's great Rachel. You did a good job. If I had done done that it would have been a stick figure swan.
I am glad I got to see you guys at ODBC. I am praying for the rest of your visit and your return trip.
Erin Perry

Phil and Mary Ann said...

They all look good; we never knew that you all were artists. How about drawing a picture of Mark? Phil would like to see him writing his dissertation.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful swans! Such a nice hobby to share with your mom, Rachel. I think you've both improved since last summer. Your M's Day tribute to your mom brought tears to my eyes! Wish you and Mark could stop by here again this year--we would have enjoyed havin' you! I'm enjoying keeping up with you all via your blogging--
Love, Aunt Linda

Adrienne said...

I think you did a great job! I like the waves, they're an abstract version...Every artist has to have their own style!