25 May 2008

Back By Popular Demand

Since I've had lots of positive feedback about previous posts with signs (esp. here in case you missed them) we've found while traveling through Scotland, I've been hard at work the past few months collecting more! I hope you enjoy them!In the western & northern parts of Scotland many signs include both Gaelic and English. It's a good thing they accommodate us English speakers!
This sign took some effort to get, but it was too good to pass up. I love how the wheelchair person is riding in the buggy, kinda like the Amish signs you see in the States.

In case you forget you are in the UK, a friendly reminder as found at the hostel we stayed at around Easter on Loch Ness.
Has to be one of my favorite signs around.
But I've never seen any zebras actually crossing....
So does trying to take a picture of signs (causes both frustrations and almost accidents!)
Umm...I think they mean helium :)You've heard us mention car parks and dog parks (where you "park" your dog while you go into a store, not where your dog runs and plays), now you know they also have trolley parks at the grocery store. Very cute, I think. (Oh, and I didn't even Photoshop that blue sky! See the sun really does shine here!)
You might have noticed in the other "disabled" sign above that they chair is facing "backwards." Many of them are like that here, though not all. In the US they tend to face right more consistently, but when we were back, I think I did see one like this one.
This sign found on campus always makes me feel slightly uneasy.
They spell it like I do! I knew I was a good speller. I was just in the wrong country!
Not pictured, it's counterpart "Way Out." Also known as "Entrance" and "Exit."
I found this on the front door of the bank on campus. At first I thought it was referring to hard hats, but have since realized it is actually a motorcycle helmet.
These signs are all over Heathrow. It means "Connection". Thus airplane, man, airplane. At first I liked it, but upon deeper inspection I became troubled because it looks like the man has antlers, especially on the bigger signs and from further distances. Go ahead, walk away from your computer and see for yourself....or maybe it was I was just delirious from lack of sleep.

To conclude (and to be fair) I have to say that there are some pretty funny signs in the US too. I am most disappointed that I was unable to post here the sign we saw near my parents house at the county fairgrounds that said "Lawnmower Racing Competition, May 4th, 2008." That cracked me up. Too bad the sign was gone before I could take a photo. But when Googling Lawnmower Racing, I've found it's a pretty big "sport" in NC. Nearly as big as that other "sport"....NASCAR :)


Adrienne said...

I love your posts on the signs. They always crack me up. At first I thought the airplane one was and airplane about to crash into the guys head. Now I definitely see it as a man with antlers! That comment made me laugh;)..Hope your enjoying being back, miss you!

3 for Me!! said...

The "frustration may cause accidents" is probably their way to combat "road rage"!!!!

Love the signs and especially the commentary on them :)

Ronnica said...

So many to comment on:

I love the "disabled drivers" one. Exactly what is that supposed to mean? It's sure a funny picture!

Zebras? Was it a zoo?

I totally laughed at the "balloons and gas" sign. I think I might need to go back to middle school.

I was more disturbed the airplane connection sign because it looks like the planes are flying into and out of his head.