01 January 2008

Say What!?

So you can start off your New Year with a smile or laugh, here are some signs we've spotted that have made us stop and take notice. (Here's a slight disclaimer--not trying to make fun of the Scots (well, maybe just a little!) I'm sure there are many unusual signs in the States, we just like the way they phrase some of these!)I think this is a very clever sign posting the speed limit. You see these on many residential streets, like ours.
"Tobacconist" -- "one who tobaccos" -- I have no idea what a tobacconist is, but Dad thinks it's someone who rolls the tobacco to your personal liking. Anyone in NC's tobacco country know?
I pass this sign on my way to work--it made me scratch my head. Do you see why? How in the world is a handicapped person supposed to get up the 5 or so steps behind the sign?! Obviously they aren't in a wheelchair!
Here's the one I promised from before. Talk about being struck down by a lightning bolt from heaven!
Not really funny, but if you ever wondered where Deep Fried Mars Bars come from, now you know--Stonehaven, Scotland.
Here parking lots are called "Car Parks." I guess, then, that it would be appropriate that the place you park your dog would be a "Dog Park!" Very cute! Mom's keen eye spotted this one in Ballater. You will very often see dogs tied to poles on the street "wilst" :) there owners "nip" into a store to buy something."Beware! Fat Foliage Thoroughfare!" One day I am determined I will sit and wait to see an obese green mass walking across the street!

This one made me chuckle. Like all elderly people have a curved back or that they are a road hazard! Sometimes they even list out "Elderly People" below the sign in case you weren't able to figure it out :)
This might just be my favorite that we spotted on the way from Banchory to Ballater. Someone is very clever!
What can I say about this one?! Fags are cigarettes. Thankfully we had a friend explain that to us the first week we are here. BUT if you are not aware of that, it can be, um....startling! The best is when they say "I'm going to go have a fag."


Ronnica said...

Oh, too funny. I hope you have enjoyed your time with your parents!

Greg and Adrienne said...

I like the signs, keep them coming! I hope you are having a wonderful time with your parents. Do people usually say that you look like your dad? I think you look like him...

Mark and Rachel said...

We had a great time with my parents and they arrived safely back in NC late Thursday. We were sad to see them go :(

Yes, I have most of my life heard that I look like my Dad, though most of my mannerisms are just like my Mom.