17 January 2008

Doctor's Visit

Thanks for praying for me today as I went back to the doctor. This doctor seemed much more interested in listening to what I had to say. He did the usual doctor type things (actually, more nurse type things, but they don't have nurses at the GP!) like take my BP, listen to breathing, etc. I was grateful he offered to have a chest x-ray ordered and also some blood work. He said the x-ray would only take 2-3 weeks until I could have it done. Maybe he saw the shocked look on our faces (Mark came too) because he said that was a fairly decent amount of time for the National Health System (NHS). Or maybe it's just because he knew in the States I could have had it done today! Ah, socialized health care at it's finest :) Anyways, at least the ball is rolling and we're getting something out of the crazy high taxes we have to pay! My blood work will at least go faster. I'll have that drawn tomorrow afternoon and then the results should be in by Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Once we have the x-ray results in too (a week after they are taken) we'll go see the doctor again and discuss where to go from here. I know that I shouldn't really want anything to show up on the x-ray or the blood work, but yet there is a part of me that would like some conclusive evidence that something indeed has been going on inside of this crazy body of mine. Whatever the results, I know God is in control and is directing our steps! Thanks for journeying with us in this matter.

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