05 January 2008

The 80's, UGH, and the Leaky Machine

The title is our day in a tiny nutshell. We were out doing a little shopping and stopped by a few clothing stores to spend some Christmas money. I was defeated again. I'm not sure if any of you have ever heard me say "the 80's should not have happened" but I have said it numerous times and I will say it again. The 80's should not have happened (not clothes, not music, not haircuts, not any of it!) and they definitely should not be happening again!! But alas, in Aberdeen they are...at least in regards to clothing. I'm a fairly picky person when it comes to clothes so you can imagine my quandary when trying to find clothes in a place that sells mainly 80's throwback clothing. I very much dislike many of the styles, colors, pattens, etc. Maybe some day I'll grow up and get with the times, but until then I'll just keep being frustrated when I go clothes shopping!

Once we arrived to our street, Mark got most of the way into a spot by parallel parking, but the spot wasn't quite big enough. In the meantime, a car went passed us and then stopped. Next thing I know, the left door opened and a man had his head bent over (like he was going to vomit). I was horrified that he was driving in that (supposed) drunk position...then I remembered we were in Scotland and he was the passenger! Anyways, won't go into the details, but it wasn't pretty and I was glad there was another car parked to block most of the events taking place. You might think this is a rare event here, but it's sad to say that we pass vomit on the sidewalks nearly every day. In fact, we had to warn my parents that you never walk without looking down because you just might step in something you'd rather not step in. I knew the Scots drank a lot, but didn't think about the ramifications being spelled out on the sidewalks and other parts of the city (like our church steps--they usually get a washing down each Sunday morning).

My fight with our new washing machine goes on! One faulty manufactured part is fixed, but in the meantime it continues to leak water (not tons, but enough to be annoying!) on our floor when it drains. Guess we'll have to have a 3rd repairman come to fix our 2 month old machine! That's why they have warranties! We are (well, our landlord) getting good use out of ours!

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Ronnica said...

That's sad about the drinking effects. I hate when people say that Europe has drinking under control, and its just us Americans getting up tight about it that cause all the problems. My experience overseas (and now yours too) offer examples of out-of-control drinking is not just in America.