18 January 2008

Sad, Sad Day

You know that you are 24 junkies when you have to write a post commemorating the sad event of watching the last episode of the sixth season. Mark and I have really enjoyed watching "Jack" (as we affectionately refer to 24 as--after the main character--in case you haven't seen it!) together the past year or so. We are officially caught up, and are bummed with the rest of the other loyal Jack fans that the writers are on strike. To keep 24 memories with us in the meantime, Mark has downloaded 24 sounds and wallpaper to his laptop. I will also fondly think of Jack and the other 24 characters when someone's phone rings down the hall from me at work with that famous CTU ring. Beep-beep-bo-do...Ah, the memories....

And by the way...if you haven't started watching 24 then don't or else you most likely won't be able to stop :)

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Dustin and Jennie Harrell said...

I couldn't agree more!! How are we going to wait to find out what happens with Jack and Audrey, and with Chloe and Morris with their news??!! I wish I had that CTU ring on my phone...but then I'd have to answer "Jennie Harrell" every time it rang.