25 January 2008

Quick Update

I got my letter today asking me to make an appointment for my chest x-ray. We've scheduled it for Monday, Feb. 4th so we'll see if that shows any abnormalities. As for my blood tests, they came back as "satisfactory" so no clues there :) Guess, though, that it is a real blessing to have "good blood."

We are glad it is the weekend (as I'm sure you all are as well)! Mark and I have been looking for a place to live and that will continue this weekend. I'm also excited to meet a new student that just arrived here a couple of days ago. I overheard some collegues talking about her situation and her homesickness so I volunteered to speak with her and introduce her to some other Americans during the weekend. I briefly spoke with her on the phone while at work. I think we are both excited about the possibility of a new friendship! So that's us (man, these Aberdonians are rubbing off on me...)


Jonathan & Noella said...

Hi there! Glad all is going well for you. I have a random question for you...how do you get the weather forecast bar to show up on your blog? I'm having some issues with ours...

Mark and Rachel said...

I think you have to get the html code from whatever weather website and then put it in to blogger's HTML section where you add things. Does that makes any sense?

Also, how did I never realize you had a blog!!? I'm rather dense since you have been posting on here :) I can't wait to see it!