30 December 2007

Aberdeen and Old Aberdeen

We've been enjoying showing my parents around Aberdeen and Old Aberdeen the past couple of days. God's given us some great weather while we've been out. Lots of blue skies the past few days with only some rain :) Here are a few of the many shots we've taken. If you make it to the bottom there is a special treat!This is Marichal College (pronounced "Marshall" as best as we can tell!) on one of the main streets in Aberdeen. It has been owned by the University of Aberdeen, but they recently sold it to the Cit of Aberdeen. It currently houses the City Council offices. I think I was told or read it is the second largest granite structure in the world--it really is massive and imposing to look at on the street!
Even closer detail on top of Marichal College--I love all the little flags! There are tons of them!
I forgot this park's name in the center of town--Maybe Union Terrace Park? It's always nice to see the green among the gray granite.
The beautiful sunrises continue! Yesterday was no exception. The clouds at the bottom make the church look like it's in the sky rather than on the ground!
Walking up to King's College proper on the University campus. Mark and I both walk this every day during the work week.
Mark showing off his office/desk. (More like we asked him to pose!)
The family in front of the unicorn holding the saltire of Scotland. This is right near Mark's office on campus.
Just Mark and me on campus
Mark and I had heard that a neat place to see was St. Machar's Cathedral at the end of Old Aberdeen, so we walked a few minutes off campus and found a pretty cathedral and a huge, very old cemetery. If you click on the link above, you can see better, more professional pictures! I would have loved to have taken more, but as you can maybe see, the church was decorated for a wedding. We soon realized the wedding was going to take place soon so we didn't linger long!

Here is the bagpipe player hired to play for the wedding. Just as I went to take the picture, he stopped to fix his reed. As a final treat, I was able to video record the playing for you to all enjoy :) At the end of the small recording I zoomed in on the groomsman (and maybe the groom?) who were decked out in the traditional kilts as well. Kilts are considered formal wear (like tuxes) for weddings. It's pretty neat to see! I would have gotten an even better view, but didn't want to invade their privacy any more than I did!

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