28 December 2007

Happy Christmas (a little belated)!

As they say here, Happy Christmas! They do say Merry Christmas some, but Happy Christmas is more the norm. I personally find it hard to say! Hope you had a great day however you celebrated!
After a long Christmas day with just Mark and I, my best Christmas present ever arrived at 9:30pm on Christmas day...the last flight of the day to arrive into Aberdeen--but it was carrying my parents so I was happy they even had the flight! They were amazingly awake and doing well after nearly 24 hours of travel.God answered our prayers for a place for my parents to stay near to our flat--right next door! God is so good! We had secured a couple of other flats within 5 minutes walk of our flat, but what a blessing when our neighbor said she was going to be off-shore (on a ship in the North Sea) for the time my parents were going to be here and that they could use her place! So we have the whole upstairs of our building to ourselves at the moment :) It's nice to have the extra space to spread out. I don't think everything would have fit (luggage, extra mattress, extra chairs, etc) in our living space. We've enjoyed nice weather since they've arrived, with the exception of today which has dawned rainy. Chances are it won't last long. Mark and Dad have gone to see if the Starbucks is open yet. It doesn't open until later, like 8am or something. Mom's enjoying catching up on her sleep and I'm enjoying a little down time to catch up on things like this!Yesterday we took my parents to see the wonders of Stonehaven and Dunnottar Castle. It looks like I've super-imposed this picture, but they were really there! (Can you tell it was cold and windy!?)

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Allison said...

So happy your parents are there for a visit!! HAVE A GREAT TIME!