21 December 2007

Giddy as a School Girl

As one of my friends used to say "I'm giddy as a school girl" today! I am now done with work until Jan. 3rd and it's all paid :) Can't complain about that one bit! I have only worked about a month and a half at this job, but nonetheless, I'm ready for a break. Mark has also started his vacation today, slightly ahead of schedule because I accidentally took his keys to work with me and he couldn't leave the house because you can't shut our front door without the key!) I don't think he minded too much, though :)

The other reason I am jumping for joy today is that it is the shortest day of the year. You might wonder why that makes me excited since the sun rose at 8:46am and will set at 3:26pm...just over an hour from now. But I am excited because now we have longer days to look forward to! It has helped that it has been so sunny the past week, but the darkness has recently started to wear on me a bit. It's a weird feeling to think by 8pm that you should be headed to bed because it has been dark for 4 and a half hours already and your body thinks it's 10pm. In a weird way I guess we've adjusted, but it still does mess with your mind/body a bit.

Happy Shortest Day of the Year to all of you too!

P.S. The picture is of a sunrise about a week ago out of our bedroom window that looks towards City Centre.


Ronnica said...

Thanks for the encouragement. My bag did arrive on Christmas day about 6 PM. I was able to give out most of my presents...late, but I'm glad that I could still give them.

I hope you are enjoying your time with your parents!

Mark and Rachel said...

I'm so glad you got your bag even on Christmas Day! :)