21 May 2008


This afternoon around 3pm I stepped out of our front room (the "lounge", i.e. living room) and headed down our short hall. I heard a peculiar sound. Kind of like a waterfall. "That's funny," I thought as I looked out the window, "it's still not raining, let alone pouring." But after some more thinking, I decided I better investigate. Opening the door from our flat to the hallway leading out of the building the sound increased. Down a flight of stairs and I knew we were in for trouble. Here's what I found....

My very own personal waterfall. Our downstairs neighbors weren't home, so I called our landlord right away and informed her of the situation. A couple hours later I heard from her husband. It sounds like whatever (like a hot water tank) is hiding behind door #1 is the culprit and sounds like this isn't the first time it's happened.
There's good and bad news. The good news--the water probably isn't from our flat so technically our landlords aren't responsible. And I got to meet our downstairs neighbors (those directly below us) just a few minutes ago! The bad news--those who are responsible live in the very bottom of our building and have a separate entrance (it's a strange set-up), so they won't necessarily be effected by the damage that has now been done (and therefore probably not too motivated to do anything about it). Our landlord is on his way to see it all for himself, and talk to the couple responsible. He told me they are an older couple and often not sober, therefore a bit difficult to handle at times. Mark's away at an event with his department for the day, tonight and tomorrow so I'm glad someone else is willing to go "get it sorted."

It had been about a month without any water issues. Glad we can keep our streak alive :)

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