03 June 2009

The Amazing Race - Part 1

We enjoyed a fantastic 6 or so days away from home! Thanks for your prayers. We were safe and I was healthy.

Not sure how much or how quickly I can share the many things I'd like to share. My good friend, Lisa, arrives this Friday for a week of fun and catching up. I can't wait!

Mark and I totalled up today that we have driven around 1,100 miles in Scotland, Germany and Switzerland in a week's time. Whew. It was so worth it, despite the number of times we got lost and frustrated over Germany's poor signage on some roads (actually, Switzerland wasn't all that hot at times either). Somehow, by God's grace, we always ended up where we needed to be. We also enjoyed getting the car up to 155kmh or so -- roughly 100 mph on the Autobahn . (Don't worry, moms, it wasn't for long!) You can't drive that fast in all areas (nor would you want to!), but we thought that wasn't too bad for our Ford Focus rental.
Last Thursday night as we drove to my cousins house in the middle of no where in Germany (very lost I might say with darkness approaching and few who spoke English) I was thinking about how it was like we were on our own Amazing Race adventure. I love that show. My respect for the contestants driving in other countries and trying to communicate with those who don't speak English went up ten-fold. My respect for missionaries (or any expats) living in non-English speaking countries also increased immensely. Makes me grateful we live here! Anyways, the first "leg" of our journey in Germany didn't go so hot and a 45 minute drive took closer to 2 and a quarter or 2 and a half hours. Not fun. However, we did survive and arrived before my cousin sent out the search party.

For sake of time, I've included three favorite photos of mine from the trip. Go to Facebook to see some more photos from our time with my cousin and his wife/son. I will try to link the album here some day, but can't figure that out right now!

I leave you with God's handiwork over Zurich. I barely edited this photo....just stunning colors that night!

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Mama Em said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of your cousin and his son curled up together. Mesmerized. :) Glad your trip was great! We missed you and everyone was impressed you still sent a recipe (that you can't even eat!). Great job-