05 June 2009

The Amazing Race - Part 2

I have a few minutes since Lisa obviously needed to get to bed early after travelling so much. I can't get Facebook to cooperate, so we are trying out Picasa web albums slideshow (see bottom of post). Here are a few others photos from day 2. On Saturday we left my cousins and headed to Triberg, Germany set in the picturesque Black Forest. The drive was so scenic and the town of Triberg didn't disappoint either. They are known for cuckoo clocks, and this tourist shop was known as "House of a 1,000 Clocks" or something like that. There were at least that many ticking clocks in there, though I never heard one actually cuckoo.

Triberg is known for it's cascading waterfall. We enjoyed a scenic and steep hike up to the top of the waterfall.

Germany and Switzerland both were filled with tons of tunnels because of the many hills/mountains. Some were even fairly long. I decided to do some experimenting with my camera settings and motion photography since I haven't really done any of that (other than moving children!) We liked this one best out of all of them (edited of course to make even more dramatic), though viewing it here at low resolution it doesn't look quite as cool as it does large and clear.

I think if you click on the slidshow you can view it larger and with captions. Enjoy!


Jonathan said...

Sounds like a great trip! Glad you were able to see a bit more of Europe. Hey, if you love those "serandas" (window shades) so much you should come to Italy for a visit too. They are amazing, especially for nap time for the kids! Well, the invites open if you find "free" tickets again.

Anonymous said...

Rachel and Mark
The pics are great. I am so glad you both had a good time and were safe. I love the amazing race too. It's the best show.

Erin perry