12 June 2009

The Amazing Race - Part 3

I am determined to get through these pics from our trip! Here are some photos from our 3rd full day away, which started off in Germany and ended in Switzerland. Lucerne was just about all I was hoping for, and in many ways even better. Mark and I agreed it was the favorite part of our trip even though we were there for about 5 hours. When we arrived late morning it was a little overcast, but as the afternoon wore on the clouds kept parting showing us more and more of the alps in the distance. Very cool!

Below is Kapellbr├╝cke meaning, "chapel bridge." It is the oldest wooden bridge in Europe, though it caught fire in 1993 so much of it has been restored.

From the bridge
Swan from where we ate lunch
We strolled along the river for awhile and I loved this flag flying in front of the mountains.
Just before we left we walked under this huge monument thing (kinda looked like the arc de triumph) near the train station. Mark asked me to take a few shots. I'm glad he did because I like how they came out.

I feel like these are very much just the tip of the iceberg of our day in Lucerne. We spent the night in Zurich, an altogether very interesting experience. You just never know what you are going to get with "hostels" :) But after the amazing sunset I think it was worth it! To see more and read more, click on the slideshow.

Switzerland - Day 3

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