25 June 2009

Lisa's Visit!

Before any more time passes by (and before my parents arrive on Monday!) I wanted to share some pics from my time with my friend, Lisa. Lisa was here for a whole week and it was so wonderful to catch up and have leisurely time together. Usually we fit in 6 months worth of life's details in an hour or two's phone conversation. Not easily done!

Lisa is one of those friends that you thank God has been in your life and is still in your life. She and I met I think at the end of our 8th grade year. Her family started attending the church my dad pastored. I'm pretty sure we became friends almost immediately and spent many formative moments together in youth group, high school and the tennis team together. When we chose rival Christian universities to attend (equally in the middle of nowhere, I might add - her going to Taylor and me Cedarville) we still kept in touch and hung out as often as possible on breaks at home. Life has taken us in very different directions in terms of jobs and cities, but unfortunately we have shared allergies together! While mine are mainly food issues, hers are environmental that trigger bad asthma. What's crazy is both of us got them about 5 or 6 years ago. We joke it was because we grew up near a nuclear power plant! Through all 15 years we've been friends the main source of our friendship has stemmed from our love for the Lord and our desire to serve Him in whatever we do in life. That has looked different for both of us, but that is the beauty of the Body of Christ. Friends like this don't come along too often, nor do they usually remain, so I praise God for Lisa! Lisa, thanks again for coming, listening, freezing (hah!), and just sharing in our lives here. We so enjoyed it and will forever miss your company when watching The Office again.

To see more photos and see a video with a piper at Dunnottar click the below slideshow.


Mama Em said...

What time do you folks get in Monday? J's come in at 1:20...

Mama Sweetie said...

Tag! You're it. I've given you an award. Check it out on my blog.