18 June 2009

Knight for a Boss

It's not often you get the chance to work for an individual who has been knighted by Her Majesty the Queen, but I can now say that I have :) Granted, I've never met the man, but his office is just on the other side of my building and I've heard him speak a couple times so that should count for something. The University of Aberdeen's Principal (yes, that's his title, not president), Professor Sir Duncan C Rice was knighted this past weekend as part of the Queen's Birthday Honours. Interestingly enough, these birthday honours don't take place on Queen Elizabeth's actual birthday, April 21, which she shares with my mother (though, my mom is much younger!). The Queen's Official Birthday is the day that it is celebrated by the nation. Sounds like this tradition started in the early 1900's by Edward VII who moved the celebrations to the summer in hopes of better weather.

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Mama Em said...

That's pretty cool. I forget they still knight people. Though, it seems kind of lackluster without a big sword...they don't get big swords, do they?